The least expensive universities in Korea are listed below.

Kangwon National University

$1,500 for undergraduate tuition

Graduate School Fee: $2,000

Kangwon University was founded in 1947 and comprises 19 colleges with a wide range of programs.

This low-cost institution offers courses in Sociology, Business Administration, Horticulture, Chemical Engineering, and more.

  1. Pusan National University

Tuition for undergraduates: up to $2,535

Graduate School: $3,120 Maximum

Co-educational and non-profit, this institution of higher learning offers well-regarded courses and activities.

3 Chungnam National University

$2,200 for undergraduate tuition

Graduate School Fee: $4000

The Chungnam National University, founded in 1952, was one of Korea’s premier national universities. As the Chungnam Provincial University, it had just three colleges at first.

Before joining forces with the Chungbuk Provincial University to become the Chungnam National University in 1962, the institution established its graduate program in 1957.

The various facilities that students have access to have made life on campus easier.

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  1. Kyungpook National University

Tuition for undergraduates: $2,300

Graduate School Fee: $4000

This institution offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs across around 17 colleges, all of which are open to all students.

In addition, Kyungpook National University offers the students any assistance it sees fit.

Students can participate in local volunteer initiatives to enrich their educational experience.

5 Korea University

Graduate tuition: up to $7,280

Undergraduate tuition: N/A

This university truly comes in first place among private universities in Korea.

This reasonably priced university bursts into song every day at noon as the clock chimes the school’s anthem.

6 Handong Global University

$7,175 for undergraduate tuition

Graduate School Fees: N/A

Only roughly five majors are offered in English across the entire university. The students at this budget-friendly institution in Korea can learn in a welcoming environment while also getting to know people from different cultural backgrounds.

The fact that there is a salon on campus means that students at Handong Global University do not have to worry about how to style their hair.

7 Seoul National University

$5,330 for undergraduate tuition

Graduate School Fee: $6,000.

With four campuses, this public institution has the biggest campus in Seoul with a student body of around 30,000.

If you’re looking for the most economical universities in Korea, this could be your top choice.

Courses are available at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree levels at this low-cost university.

8 SeoulTech

$5,000 for undergraduate tuition

Graduate School Fee: $8,000.

Top on the list of Korea’s most cheap universities is SeoulTech University. By encouraging creative learning, this higher education institution makes sure that the students have a certain degree of workplace proficiency.

In addition, it has Korea’s highest employment rates.

9 Yonsei University

Tuition for undergraduates: up to $5,890

Cost of graduate school: up to $7,630

The oldest university in the country and one of the most esteemed in the area is this private research university in South Korea.

This university aims to educate young minds who will contribute their fair share to humanity, with a student to faculty ratio of seven.

The present development-related initiatives of Yonsei University have made it a popular destination.

10 University of Seoul

$5,330 for undergraduate tuition

Graduate School: $8,400 maximum

The smiles on people’s cheeks when they consider the most affordable Korean universities and credit the University of Seoul for those institutions are beyond my ability to fathom.

Tuition costs have remained moderately low since the mayoral decision to subsidize the cost of tuition at the institution in 2012.

This prestigious university in Korea is also reasonably priced.

11 Hoseo University

$6,800 for undergraduate tuition

Graduate School Fee: $6,800

There are graduate and undergraduate programs available at this private Christian university. Being a low-cost Korean university, it takes pride in having a five-year pass rate of 100% for both the nursing and national examinations.

12 Sogang University

$7,000 for undergraduate tuition

Graduate School Fee: $7,500

Despite being one of the most cost-effective institutions in Korea, this university boasts an extremely high acceptance rate. It is currently regarded as one of South Korea’s top universities.

The university in Sogang makes it a great place for overseas students to study.

13 Soongsil University

$7,500 for undergraduate tuition

Graduate School Fee: $7,500

The earliest modern university in Korea is thought to be this private Christian university located in the center of Seoul.

This higher education school is well known for offering undergraduate degrees in economics and business, as well as graduate study options.

Soongsil University is the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a cheap study location that also has a sizable student body.

14 Gyeongsang National University

with the goal of instructing students in Korea’s Gyeongsang Province. This respectable organization has remained true to its pledge.

This college has around 23,000 students and about 2,000 staff members.

15 Pukyong National University

The largest city in Korea is where you may find this institution. It could be of interest to you to know that it is very reasonably priced with over 30,000 students here!

One of Korea’s most inexpensive and accessible universities is the one described above. Finance is one unsightly barrier to receiving a quality education in a region where technological innovation is at its height. Check the most affordable schools you can apply to regardless of the course you wish to study at any of the Korean institutions.

Korea is renowned for being a tech haven, with one of the highest rates of internet penetration in the entire globe.

The majority of Korean universities have produced graduates with solid backgrounds in accounting, finance, mechanical engineering, politics, and other fields.


When searching for cheap universities in Korea, keep an eye out for institutions that provide student-friendly programs like scholarships for international students.

Therefore, even though you might think it’s important to check this out for all these reasons, we’ve taken some of the pressure off by answering some questions you might have.

Why Study in Korea?

Without a driving factor, it is impossible to want to relocate your studies to a specific region. We will assist you as usual if you do not have flawless responses to present when asked why you believe you want to study in Korea.

You can therefore hang on to a lot of reasons why Korea is a wonderful study destination for you because it is the industry leader in technology and students do not need to worry about the network’s stability and speed.

In order to graduate from a recognized university in Korea, you must put in a lot of study time inside the school’s walls.

While guaranteeing them world-class technology, Korea offers foreign students the calm and tranquility they need to be successful in their studies.

What qualifications are needed to study in Korea?

Get your hands on useful information on the application processes, necessary documents, and application submission if you want an exciting study abroad experience in Korea.

The list below is a list of the documents you must bring.

Application form


Study plan

Letter of recommendation

High school transcript

Passport photocopy

Proof of nationality,

Proof of language ability (Korea and English)

Making an Application

While accepting applications for the Fall semester in May/June, most colleges accept applications for the Spring semester from the prior September/November timeframe.

Any Korean university will accept applications for one of two categories of undergraduate admission. They are:

  • Regular entrance: To be admitted as a freshman, you must provide the university documentation attesting that you have completed high school.
  • Transferring between colleges: In this case, the receiving institution must have a certain number of credits before the student is admitted.

How much does college in Korea cost?

In general, national university tuition is less expensive than private university tuition. Before submitting an application to any Korean university, it is crucial to evaluate the cost of tuition because it varies.


Degree courses Field of study Tuition Fee (USD, per semester)
Associate Degree Humanities 1,500~6,200
Sciences $1,800~$6,300
Arts and Sports $1,700~$7,300
Engineering $1,700~$6,200
Undergraduate Degree Humanities 1,600~7,400
Sciences $1,800~$8,400
Arts and Sports $1,900~$8,500
Engineering $1,800~$8,300
Medicines $4,300~$10,800
Graduate Degree Humanities 1,100~13,300
Sciences $1,500~$8,600
Arts and Sports $1,500~$6,400
Engineering $1,600~$20,900
Medicines $2,300~$10,600
Application Fee $60-$150


A table listing the many degrees offered by Korean universities can be seen below.

You should be aware that the application fee may alter slightly. The table above provides a general idea of what to anticipate.

You should also take transportation costs, the cost of study materials, dorm fees, and other costs into account for a much more tranquil and comfortable stay in Korea during the duration of your academic period.

Look at the table below for a representation.

Type Estimated Fee(USD)
Korean language class 10weeks $1,300 ~ $1,600, 3weeks : $800
Dormitory Room shared by 4, $600 ~ $900 (per semester)
Room shared by 2, $900 ~ $1,400 (per semester)
※ Dorm fees vary depending on if food is included
Food About $300 per month at the school cafeteria
※ A meal in the school cafeteria typically costs around $2.5 ~ $3
Rent (outside school) $300 per month (plus a security deposit of $3,000 ~ $5,000)
Boarding house $300 ~ $500 per month
Medical insurance $20 per month ~
Transportation $40 per month ~
※ Base fare for subway/bus: $1.00
lnternet $30 per month



One of the best nations in the world, Korea has a population that is highly technologically savvy. It is also among the nations with the most reasonably priced universities you can discover.

If there is anything preventing you from going to Korea to study, you will probably find it here.


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