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As part of its social welfare and cooperative obligation to the Borno Indigenous People, the Borno State Government announces the application for the Borno State Scholarship. The Borno State Government typically sponsors the Scholarship through the State’s Bursary. This grant is intended to help young students in educational institutions, particularly those with little financial support for their academic endeavors. The Borno State Scholarship Program has assisted numerous students over the years.

Borno State Scholarship Board information

The Borno State Scholarship Board was established by Edict No. 3 of 1989, which became effective as an autonomous body on the 13th day of April 1989. Up until January 1989, the Board was a Division within the Ministry of Education. By January 1989, the Board had been upgraded and given autonomous status.

They gave the Board the task of interviewing applicants for scholarships and distributing allowances to all qualified Borno State residents who were accepted into universities and colleges both domestically and abroad as foreign sponsorship or allowances.

Concerning Borno State

Borno State is the only state in Nigeria that shares borders with three different nations. It is located in the North-East geopolitical zone and is bordered by Yobe to the west, Gombe to the southwest, and Adamawa to the south. Borno State also shares portions of its eastern, northern, and northeastern borders with Cameroon, Niger, and Chad. Borno State’s capital, Maiduguri, was formerly the seat of the medieval emirate of Borno, from whence the state derives its name. When the previous North-Eastern State was divided up, the state was created in 1976. It formerly comprised the region that is currently known as Yobe State, a separate state since 1991.

Only Niger State has a larger surface area than Borno, which is one of the 36 states. Despite its size, the state ranks eleventh in terms of population, with an estimated 5.86 million residents as of 2016. Geographically speaking, the state is divided into the semi-desert Sahelian savanna in the north, the West Sudanian savanna in the center and south, and a portion of the montane Mandara Plateau in the southeast. The Nigerian section of Lake Chad and the Lake Chad flooded savanna ecoregion are located in the extreme northeast of the state; the Yobe River, which defines the state’s boundary with Niger until it reaches the lakebed, feeds the lake. A portion of the Chad Basin National Park, a sizable national area, is located in the state’s center. This park is home to black crowned crane, spotted hyena, patas monkey, and roan antelope populations as well as sporadic herds of some of Nigeria’s last remaining African bush elephants. However, a portion of the park, the Sambisa Forest, was taken over by Boko Haram during their insurgency in the early 2010s, forcing a lot of the animal life to flee. It wasn’t until 2019 and 2020 when a huge herd of migrating elephants returned to Borno that big animals were once again spotted there.

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Several ethnic groups have lived in Borno State for a long time, including the Dghwede, Glavda, Guduf, Laamang, Mafa, and Mandara in the central area; the Afade, Yedina (Buduma), and Kanembu in the extreme northeast; the Waja in the extreme south; and the Kyibaku, Kamwe, Kilba, and Margi groups in the south; as well as the Kanuri and Shuw Approximately 85% of the state’s population is Muslim, with smaller minorities of Christians and traditionalists (particularly in the south) at around 7% apiece.

Babagana Umara Zulum is the ruler of Borno State at the moment.

List of Eligible Local Government Areas In Borno State

  • Abadam
  • Askira/Uba
  • Bama, Borno
  • Bayo, Nigeria
  • Biu, Nigeria
  • Chibok
  • Damboa
  • Dikwa
  • Gubio
  • Guzamala
  • Gwoza
  • Hawul
  • Jere, Borno
  • Kaga, Nigeria
  • Kala/Balge
  • Kukawa
  • Kwaya Kusar
  • Mafa
  • Magumeri
  • Maiduguri
  • Marte, Borno
  • Mobbar
  • Monguno
  • Ngala
  • Nganzai
  • Shani, Nigeria


Conditions for the Borno State Scholarship Program

  • Below, a list of prerequisites will be displayed.
  • You must be a native of Borno State in order to be eligible for the scholarship award.
  • You have to be enrolled in an authorized institution.
  • You need to get decent grades.
  •  Students at higher education institutions including universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, etc. are all required to have a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0.
  • Credentials will be confirmed during the screening process for qualified applicants.
  • First-year certificate of residence (FSLC).
  • The Certificate of Origin
  • A statement of results that includes your grade point average (this is for college, university, polytechnic, and nursing students, among others).

Applying for the Borno State Government Scholarship Program in 2022

Online application is required. The Borno State Scholarship Application’s official website is

Application Status: As soon as the scholarship application is released, the application deadline will also be published. Visit to learn more about the scholarship grant.

  • On the previously mentioned scholarship portal, the forms will be available.
  • You must be a native of Borno State in order to be eligible for the scholarship award.
  •  You have to be enrolled in an authorized institution.
  •  You need to get decent grades.
  •  Students in higher education institutions, such as universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, etc., are all expected to have a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0.
  •  First-year certificate of residence (FSLC).
  •  The Certificate of Origin
  •  A statement of results that includes your grade point average (this is for college, university, polytechnic, and nursing students, among others).


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Applications for 2022 State of Borno government

Online applications are accepted. The Borno State Scholarship Application can be found at

Status of application: Once the scholarship form is released, the application deadline will soon be announced. Visit for more details on the scholarship grant. On the previously mentioned scholarship portal, the forms will be available.

Applications for undergraduate programs at the Borno State Scholarship Board are now being accepted from students who meet the necessary qualifications. All students are eligible for this fully supported grant.

Requirement for Scholarships

  1.  Be an indigenous person of Borno State
  2.  You must be a current undergraduate student in a university, polytechnic, or college that is a recognized public institution in Nigeria.
  3. You must be a citizen of Borno State and currently enrolled at an accredited university overseas.


 Application Instructions

  1. Go to to get started.
  1.  Make an account with a legitimate email address.
  2.  Your email will be emailed a confirmation link. When you click the email confirmation button, you are taken back to the login page.
  3.  Use your email address and password to log in once again. You will get access to the application form after logging in.
  4.  Work on the application is ongoing. Complete each step by supplying the necessary data. To finish the previous phase, click save and continue.
  5.  In the first step, you must upload and save a passport photo, fill out all necessary forms, save, and select the next option. You must also provide your academic information.
  6.  Next, you must provide information about the academic institutions you attended and the degrees you earned, then click Next.
  7.  Next, enter the information related to your SSCE results, save, and go on.
  8.  You will then be taken to a website where you can upload documents, including scanned copies of your admission letter, indigene certificate, and SSCE results.
  9. After reviewing your application, click “Submit” to finish. After that, you can download a copy of your application for your records.

As your application will be reviewed, kindly make sure to submit accurate information.

  1. At the board, you must present a copy of your application along with photocopies of the SSCE results, admission letter, and indigenous certificate.

You shouldn’t be a resident of Borno State who has dropped out of school due to a lack of funds. This procedure is not difficult or stressful. The best part is that you may submit your application while relaxing in your own home. So, make use of it right away;

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