Fighting Bullying With Technology

Fighting Bullying With Technology Scholarship

A $2,000 annual educational award from 1902 Software Development Corporation is available, with $1000 going to two different university students from anywhere in the world twice a year.

For students who have experienced bullying, who are actively combating bullying, and who are working to use technology to make their schools and communities safer, more tolerant, and accepting of diversity, there is a scholarship program called Fighting Bullying With Technology. A $1,000 prize will be awarded to one deserving international student.

About 1902 Software Development Corporation

Manila, Philippines-based 1902 Software Development Corporation is a business with Danish management.

For the past 20 years, 1902 Software has served as a technology partner for numerous companies and individuals from a variety of countries and industries. Working with digital managers and webmasters for the design, development, testing, deployment, and support of various digital platforms is something that 1902 Software has a lot of expertise with.

In 1902 Software, there are no fixed fees with software, so clients can come and go as they like. There is no minimum purchase amount or monthly commitment. Any project, whether it be starting from scratch to design and construct a website or taking over an ongoing IT project, can be accepted by 1902 Software at any level of completion.

The following technologies are offered by 1902 Software for development and support:

Development of native and cross-platform (Xamarin) apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile; Magento e-commerce sites; WordPress; Umbraco; Microsoft.NET;
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Web design, mobile app design, business and marketing literature, digital campaign materials, catalog layouts, logo and branding, and wire-framing are just a few of the graphic design services that 1902 Software offers (usually in conjunction with development projects)

Learn more about how 1902 Software can assist with your IT difficulties by visiting our website.

 Fighting Bullying With Technology Scholarship details

  1. The scholarship program is offered twice a year to college students everywhere.
  2. The prize is merit-based and comes with a $1,000 scholarship grant that must be applied to the winner’s educational costs. 1902 Software Development Corporation reserves the right to give the grant directly to the winner or to the college in which the winner is enrolled.
  3.  As long as previous scholars have received their grants, 1902 Software Development Corporation maintains the right to end this program at any moment.


Benefits of Fighting Bullying With Technology Scholarship

The prize is given based on excellence and includes a $1,000 scholarship grant that must be applied to the winner’s educational costs. 1902 Software Development Corporation reserves the right to give the grant directly to the winner or to the college or university in which the winner is enrolled.  

Application process of Fighting Bullying With Technology

  1. Compose an essay (minimum 1,500 words; maximum 3,000 words) describing your own experiences with bullying and how you overcame them, as well as any actions you took to put an end to it or raise awareness of it in your school or community. Additionally, explain how technology can be used to combat or prevent bullying.
  2. Download the application form., then complete it. You must send your essay and this form to [email protected].

The following schedule will be used to select the winning entry:


Submission deadline Selection Awarding 
November 15, 2022 November 30, 2022 December 15, 2022
July 15, 2023 July 31, 2023 August 15, 2023

Summary of the Application Process of Fighting Bullying With Technology

Our application procedure is straightforward. You only need to submit an application form and an essay. you can find out more information On,

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Application review of Fighting Bullying With Technology

The grant will be given to the student who has a profound understanding of bullying, an original idea, and a workable application for fighting it, according to the merit-based application screening process used by 1902 Software. The scholarship winner will be notified directly on the dates mentioned above, and the choice cannot be appealed.

The scholarship program is not open to 1902 Software employees or their family up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity.

On the scholarship page for 1902, you may find detailed information on the grant, including the application procedure and qualifying requirements.



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Unfortunately, bullying occurs frequently both offline and online. People need to realize that online harassment does affect people IRL.

Therefore, I am hoping that the quotes below will help to deter bullying both online and off.

  1. The agony of thousands of silent victims of cyberbullying will persist unless and until our culture acknowledges it for what it is. Ana Maria Chavez
  2. Before posting, ask yourself, ” Before you Post, THINK
  • T: Is It TRUE?
  • H: Is It Helpful?
  • I: Is It Inspiring?
  • N: Is It Necessary?
  • K: Is It Kind?
  1. Online predators seek out young people who are weak, pose as someone they are not, and attempt to acquire the trust of children. It’s crucial to REFUSE friend requests and avoid corresponding with strangers.
  2. Everything about cyberbullying is problematic. If you want to say anything hurtful, look in the mirror and speak to yourself. Possibly, you’ll reconsider.
  3. Because more kids have access to digital devices outside of school, one of the most frequently discovered contrasts between traditional bullying and cyberbullying is that victims can be bullied at any time and from any location.

Bullying includes cyberbullying. Being concealed behind a nice screen doesn’t lessen its hatefulness. Written words possess strength.

Every phone conversation, email, and text message is an opportunity for you to spread more love. halt online bullying.


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