Scholarships through the Future Nursing Leadership Program (FNLP) are available to Nigerian nurses and midwives who wish to further their nursing careers. Our partially funded scholarships are open to nurses and midwives who are members of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMCN).

Future Nursing Leadership Program information (FNLP)

The Future Nursing Leadership program is a nursing-led initiative that offers scholarships, fellowships, and opportunities for professional growth. It was created to help Nigerian nurses pursue their education and grow into future nurse leaders while also integrating them into a global network of healthcare professionals bringing about positive change in Nigeria.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria acknowledges that nursing is a fundamental human right, and as such, professional nurses are responsible for helping all citizens achieve the highest possible level of health. However, the vast majority of nurses in Nigeria are exhausted, underpaid, overworked, and unappreciated. As advised by the World Health Organization, a coordinated plan must be implemented in order to produce a notable improvement in the nursing workforce.

Promoting innovative nurse training and support programs with a policy on cheap tuition fees/charges and the availability of financing and scholarship possibilities from RN to PhD is one of the main recommendations of WHO (2020).

The ICN 2022, Sustain and Retain Report states that funding for domestic nurse education should be the primary source of new nurse supply.

As a result, the Future Nursing Leadership Program was designed in response to the global requirement to support an increase in the supply of “new nurses” in order to satisfy the pandemic’s evolving and expanding demand as well as the decreased supply (retention) of the current nursing workforce.

Our programs are consequently created to help our academics gain confidence, power, and influence so they may impact local and national policy and practice to enhance patient care and health outcomes.

There are 4 categories in the program:

  1. Future Nursing Scholarship
  2. Future Nursing Clinical Fellowship
  3. Future Nursing Professional developments programs
  4. Future Nursing Innovation Awards
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The Future Nursing Leadership Program’s Purpose (FNLP)

Following the commencement of this program, the FNS’s pioneer cohort will work to retain at least 100 nurses in Nigeria’s nursing workforce over the course of the following five years.

Alumni of scholarships will advance to join the Future Nursing Clinical Fellowship in collaboration with schools and teaching hospitals in Nigeria with the goal of promoting job placements, offering professional support, and keeping previous scholarship awardees in the nursing workforce after the academic program in the university or schools of nursing.

The Future Nursing Professional Development Program, which is intended to offer a customized mentorship pathway and continuous development program (CE unit certified) in collaboration with organizations and national and international nursing leaders, will be available to nursing students and professionals.

The Future Nursing Innovation Awards will spotlight nurse-led innovation that enhances patient safety outcomes and recognize and celebrate it. A nurse and a nurse-led team will receive recognition for their product, program, project, or practice that best demonstrates nurse-led innovation in patient safety and/or outcomes.

Price of the award:

N100,000 for each student, each academic year.

3- to 4-year duration (annual renewal)

Awards are given annually to 1–10 students.

Scholarship Eligibility

Category 1 Applicants- Entry Level – New Nurse Applicants

  • Permanent residence in Nigeria
  • Must be 18 years of age and older • Must have distinctions in at least three (3) O-level courses
  • Must be admitted into full-time studying towards registration as a nurse but yet to resume academic program.
  • Must demonstrate evidence of need (be unable to afford studying without this funding) in the application;
  • Must maintain equivalent academic standing following admission and throughout the program;
  • Must remain in the country of residence for at least two years after graduation or award expiration;
  • Must have provided all supporting documentation in the required format.
  • Agree to put in a minimum of two years after graduation or the expiration of the award as a registered nurse in a Nigerian healthcare facility that has been given the program board’s blessing.

Category 2 Applicants- School Level – Current Nursing Students

  • Students
  • Permanent residence of Nigeria
  • Year 2 university or year 1 in school of nursing completed
  • To remain in the country of residence for at least two years after graduation or award expiration
  • Have a minimum of 2:1 or upper second class or equivalent of Credits for schools and colleges
  • Maintain equivalent academic standing throughout the program
  • Admitted in an accredited government (Pu) school
  • The application must contain evidence of need (must be unable to afford studying without this grant).
  • Agree to put in a minimum of two years after graduation or the expiration of the award as a registered nurse in a Nigerian healthcare facility that has been given the FNS Board’s blessing.

Candidates in Category 3

  • Must be working-level staff nurses enrolled in postgraduate courses, have permanent residence in Nigeria, be registered as nurses in Nigeria, and be motivated to pursue further education. courses relating to nursing.
  • Possess at least a 2:1, an upper second class, or the equivalent in credits from universities and colleges.
  • Currently employed as a licensed nurse in any facility that is linked with health care, with a minimum of two years of work experience;
  • Admitted to a full-time or part-time nursing program at an accredited government-approved university or school of nursing (public only); (Diploma, BSC, or Masters level).
  • To stay in the nation of residency for at least two years after graduation or the expiration of the award.
  • Must demonstrate evidence of need (be unable to afford studying without this money) in the application.
  • Agree to work as a registered nurse in a Nigerian healthcare facility for a minimum of two years following graduation or the expiration of the award.
  • In order to accept the Future Nursing Scholarship, winners must sign a prize agreement outlining the terms and restrictions.
    Application Cycle for the Selection and Validation Process
  • The submission of all scholarship applications will take place in March of each year, with the application process beginning in December of each year.
  • After the application deadline, eligible applicants will be invited to a scheduled interview, which will act as the second stage of the selection process. This review of suitable applications will take between 6 and 8 weeks.
  • Decision and mailing of grantees will be set for July in relation to the following academic year.
  • Interviews of successful candidates and returning awardees will take place in the first weeks of June.

COHORT 1- Session 2022–2023

Successful Nigerian nursing students will have a pilot opportunity to acquire money for their education when the Future Nursing Scholarship launches its inaugural cohort in May 2022.

Date of Application Launch: May 16th

Expires on June 18

16th of July: Review of application

Interviews with finalists will take place on July 27.

Scholarships will be awarded on August 18.


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