Ondo state is one of the 36 states in Nigeria and its part of the six southwestern states in  Nigeria and the motto of the state is the sunshine state. Ondo state had his capital in Akure and was created on was Created in February 3, 1976. The state is the 19th most populous state in Nigeria and the 25th largest state by landmass. The people inhabited in the states are majorly Yoruba. Some  of the resources in the state are cocoa, bitumen. Idanre hill is one of the major tourist center in Ondo state.

The state had 18 local government and the local government are:


The current governor of Ondo State is Akeredolu Oluwarotimi Odunayo he succeed Dr. Olusegun Mimiko on February 24, 2017, Lucky Aiyedatiwa is the current sitting deputy governor of Ondo state.

In Ondo one of the towns in the central senatorial zone of Ondo state, a town of middlemen and traders whose prosperity derives from a highly productive agricultural countryside and which is fast developing into an important educational centre in Ondo state, few traditional festivals of any importance survive to this day. The most important of these is the Ogun festival which is celebrated with  pomp and pageantry and with much gusto partly because devotees of the god believe he is the source of peaceful living and partly because the Christians and Moslems who participate actively in the festival see the celebrations as a revival of a great traditional heritage.

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Ogun is the fierce Orisa of war, But Ogun is also a culture hero the Orisa who introduced iron, and all those who use iron worship him warriors, hunters and blacksmiths. In recent times taxi and lorry drivers have joined themselves to his cult.  Ogun festival is growing into a vital force rallying the Ondo people together. For apart from the viewpoint of the devotees on the one hand and-the Christian and Moslem participants on the other, the people believe that any year this act of public worship of Ogun is not observed will be a year of disaster violence, bloodshed and fatal motor accidents – as, it is said, they once experienced.

Ogun festival at Ondo falls annually in September. Seventeen days before it is due, the general public is alerted. From then until the festival ends, one is constantly. reminded by the sound of upe (trumpets made from gourd); that this is the season set aside for the worship of Ogun.

The seventeen-day period is devoted to preparations for the festivals. It is the duty of the Osemawe, Ondo’s natural ruler, to ensure that the right atmosphere exists for a successful celebration, for it is of great importance to devotees that Ogun, the Giver of peace and preserver of lives, be honoured peacefully. The Oba’s refusal to participate actively in the festival could Precipitate a grave crisis which might cause His throne.

Other preparations include the provision of sacrificial victims  by devotees and the building of costumes by intending. Celebration assume the forms of a procession in the afternoon, Along a traditional route embracing several streets within the town. The next day’s celebration is a repeat performance except  that this time it is a very grand affair which start in the morning and lasts until the afternoon. Farmers and hunters stay at home and the markets are closed for the day for ‘no one markets with Ogun Long before the procession is in full swing, well attired spectators line bothsides of the route, in places six to eight deep.

The celebrants parade in group Over fifty of them-of Ologun (devotees) from each of the six war chiefs, of Ogun priests and of tradesmen-mechanics, drivers, gold and silver and blacksmiths,  cycle repairers and tinkers They are dressed in distinctive  colourful uniforms and fancy dresses Some of the celebrants look fearsome in their arment warrior outfits and other disguises  comprising masks, palm leaves and ground-charcoals, ash, indigo dye or face powder or a combination of these pigments –all thickly applied. Further distinguishing marks between the groups are their drumming, their songs and, in the case of the ologun, the images from their ogun shrines. The ologun also carry shot guns double barrels, pistols loaded with a mixture of sand and gun powder to render shots harmeless, which.are fired during the


While Ogun devotee, warriors, drivers, mechanics and smiths feature prominently during ogun festivals in other Yoruba town a carpenters, bricklayers and other tradesmen remotely connected with a metal are beginning to feature more and more in the Celebrations at Ondo.

The next day is Aleho when celebrants of the worship will kill dogs but the descendant of Jomu will not eat dog but snails, tortoise.

Ondo Town had been a peaceful town and the current king of the town is  Oba Victor Kiladejo and the appellation for the king of Ondo is Osemawe

Reasons Behind The Enthronement Of Oba Victor Kiladejo Jilo III As The Osemawe Of Ondo Kingdom


  1. He is an Ondo man to the back-bone
  2. He is a middle-aged man, with enough strength and good health to carry the burden of the office and that of Ondo people.
  3. He is well and soundly educated, with a good Degree in Medicine and various training in the act of
  4. Administration in various reputable Universities abroad
  5. His experienced in that field of medicine is vast and enormous.
  6. He was a “SUPER” Medical Director in the Ondo State Health Management Board.
  7. He is a selfless person.
  8. His character is excellent in that:
  • He is humble
  • He is gentle
  • He is honest
  • He is accessible
  • He is generous
  • He is unassuming
  • He is a very neat person
  1. He is a good Christian and believes in the Biblical saying of “Love your neighbour as yourself”
  2. He is friendly with a very good sense of humour
  3. He is well-built with amiable personality, affable and always well-dressed.
  4. He is good looking, without any physical deformity
  5. He has a very wide connection, national and internationally.


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