Life is a preparation for the future, and the best preparation for the future is to live as if there were none, Albert Einstein, while Sir William Osler says that the best preparation for tomorrow is to do today’s work superbly well. Going by what both men were pointing at here, we will conclude that thorough preparation for ones future brings about a positive future. However, one must understand when the future is, at this juncture what one should have in mind is that when do I start preparation for the Future? To some the future seems to be far, to some the future  is ten years to them, some think their future is when they get married and finally settle down, can we now agree with this? The answer is simply NO, We must understand that the future is not far and as a result of this the preparation for the future must not be later than now, preparation for the future should not be later than now, because a life which is void of purpose will not suddenly be purposeful While many youth think their future is far from them, I believe that the future is in us, this is simply because the future resides in the mind, the future is what you think about the next crack of dawn, therefore there must be preparation for the future and it must be now.

Dear reader, have you started preparing for your future’? Don’t forget that it is what you prepare for that does not catch you unaware, don’t allow your future to catch you unaware, start your preparation now, what are those preparations that you need so that you won’t get stranded when you finally gets to the future, do you need skill? Hurry now and get skill, you can acquire skill in any skill acquisition centre, your age is never a barrier to get yourself a good skill that will help to add value to your future, We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life, says Sir William Osler, you are on earth to add value to life, your footprint must be seen on the sands of time, when you finally pass away from this scene, acquire all the skills that you will need to achieve it now, before you finally gets to the future, it is a part of the preparation that you will need for the future.

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Are you skillful in an area already, then you need knowledge, when I talk about getting knowledge, it is not necessarily between the four walls of a of a classroom, attend places where you can be impacted, even if not in the classroom, get wisdom. Get books and read, be an addicted reader, a reader always knows beyond the things in his vicinity, read very well, so that you will be relevant in the future, it is never too late to acquire wisdom, your age is not a barrier, I know a popular artist who graduated with first degree at an old age with one of his sons, He proceeded to bag his masters degree and his PhD, Today, this man is an professor in his field, this man achieved because, he was not contented with his particular position then, he improved himself and was never the same. Don’t think you are alright with what you have already acquired, there are places ahead that you can fit in.

Get connected now, before the future finally comes, there are some peoples that you need to meet before you finally arrive at the future, try and get connected, it is a part of the preparation for the future, invest in relationship, learn from others, pair with visionary men and women who you believe they will be of help to you, all these are parts of your preparation, thereafter, let God know your plans, so that He may guide you through, cling yourself to God Almighty, He is the architect of your life, He owns the master plan of the future, and you must know that you need him to cope.

Dear young man, it is a sin to fail to prepare, because the lack of preparation results to preparing a bed of failure, You must not fail, start your preparation now,  start gathering yourself up for the cost of the preparation, I want to assure you that once you have prepared, the future is bright for you, the sky is never the limit, it is the starting point for another phase, some people have been to that place, you too can be there, prepare for your future, remain strong.

By Emmyleo

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