Scholarship examination questions

For every desired applicants to be picked by scholarship boards they have to be conversant on Scholarship examination questions, how they set it and how to answer it. Below are example of Scholarship examination questions and how to answer it.




  1. ______ is an example of simple sewing tools (a) Clippers (b) Scissors (c) Life jacket (d) Coat
  2. ______ are animals that destroys our crops. (a) Fungi (b) Pests (c) Animals (d) Plants
  3. A ______ is used in taking body measurement (a) candle (b) pin (c) tapemeasure (d) scissors
  4. Pests usually attack and ______ our crops on the farm (a) damage (b) increase (c) reduce (d) elevate
  5. An item used for fastening together pieces of cloth when sewing is ______ (a) nail (b) button (c) pin (d) thread
  6. Putting something in water and cooking for a period of time is ______ (a) steaming (b) roasting (c) baking (d) boiling
  7. ______ is a long and slow method of cooking food. (a) freezing (b) stewing (c) broilling (d) grilling
  8. Cooking is an art of preparing food for ______ (a) consumption (b) joking (c) spoilage (d) wasting
  9. ______ is a plant growing where its not wanted (a) Plant (b) Grass (c) Weed (d) Animal
  10. ______ is used to mix and stir hot food (a) Wooden spoon (b) Knife (c) Cup (d) Grater
  11. An object used to cut, mince and chop things is ______ (a) Wooden spoon (b) Knife (c) saw (d) Grater
  12. _____ is used to shared or grate food (a) grater (b) knife (c) wooden spoon (d) cash
  13. Farm animals are animals that are kept on _____ (a) house (b) shop (c) company (d) farm
  14. Water helps improving animals digestion. TRUE/FALSE
  15. ______ protects animals from rain and sunshine (a) Medication (b) Balance food (c) Shelter (d) Balance diet
  16. Spoons, knives, forks are examples of ______ (a) pots (b) blender (c) cutlery (d) utensils
  17. ______ is very essential for growth and development of growing animals (a) Medication (b) Shelter (c) Balanced diet (d) Water
  18. Which of these is not a kitchen tools? (a) spoon (b) towel (c) saop (d) blender
  19. Foundation of stock can be obtained from ______ animals (a) big (b) small (c) ruminant (d) pregnant
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1a. What is weed?

1b. Name four common weeds found around us

2a. What are cooking tools

2b. What are cooking equipmnet

2c. Mention two examples of cooking tools and equipment each

3a.What are the following use for

i.wooden spoon           ii.knife             iii. Grater                                 iv. Blender

4a.What are farm animals

4b. Mention four requirements for rearing of animals




  1. ______ is the willingness to forgive (a) Truth (b) Love (c) Mercy (d) Unforgiveness
  2. ______ is the epitome of mercy. (a) Mary (b) Peter (c) Mathew (d) Jesus
  3. ______ story show the lesson of mercy (a) John the baptist (b) The prodigal son (c) The good samaritan (d) The lepers
  4. God shows mercy to us by forgiving our ______ (a) help (b) sins (c) burden (d) trust
  5. ______ is the opposite of showing mercy (a) Happiness (b) Revenge (c) Kindness (d) Faithfulness
  6. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of the ______ (a) dead god (b) living God (c) failing god (d) sleeping god
  7. When the Holy spirit comes upon us, we can feel His ______ (a) annoyance (b) hatred (c) deceitful (d) unfaithful
  8. The Holy spirit enables us to be ______ (a) dishonest (b) honest (c) decietful (d) unfaithful
  9. ______ comes from God (a) Hatred (b) Angriness (c) Evil (d) Love
  10. People who are ill, hungry, lacking clothes etc need our ______ (a) beating (b) threat (c) annoyance (d) help
  11. We should always help ______ to know Christ (a) believers (b) unbelievers (c) christians (d) faithful believers
  12. ______ asks us to love one another so that we will be like him (a) Satan (b) People (c) Devil (d) God
  13. The love of God is spread in our heart through the ______ (a) power of the Holy spirit (b) Satan (c) Devil (d) conductors
  14. God wants us to love one another.TRUE/FALSE
  15. ______ was stoned to death (a) Peter (b) Paul (c) Timothy (d) Stephen
  16. Stephen was faithful until death. TRUE/FALSE
  17. ______ is what we get for whatever we do (a) Bad (b) Sadness (c) Reward (d) Punishment
  18. The ______ is the spirit of God which live in us (a) Satan (b) evil (c) gifts (d) big
  19. Doing bad will always us attract ______ rewards (a) good (b) bad (c) gifts (d) big
  20. ______ gives us power to avoid shameful sinful actions (a) Holy spirit (b) Bad spirit (c) Egungun Spirit (d) Devil



1a. The third person of the Trinity is the ____________

1b. The Trinity is made up of i._____________       ii.__________________ iii.__________

1c. The Holy spirit guides us into all __________________

2a. What is Love?

2b. Who is the Holy spirit

2c. ___________ makes us to be faithful to God

3a. What is Reward?

3b. Doing good will always attract__________rewards

3c. _________ prevents us from doing wrong things

4a. Do not hold this sin against them was said by ________________

4b. Stephen was one of the ______________

4c. __________ book chapter and verse in the bible talks about the love of God.


Cultural and creative arts


  1. A fixed period for acquiring skills under a trainer is ______ (a) training period (b) vocation (c) apprenticeship (d) tailoring
  2. Somebody receiving training and skill under a trainer is called ______ (a) apprentice (b) tutor (c) servant
  3. A form of building that is indigenous to a people is called ______ (a) engineering (b) architecture (c) materials (d) building
  4. ______ are needed for building houses (a) materials (b) skills (c) equipment (d) scales
  5. A ______ is referred to as a structure (a) craft (b) building (c) foundation (d) plastic
  6. This are forms of architecture except ______ (a) sand house (b) cane house (c) bamboo house (d) grass house
  7. ______ gives room for security and safety of lives (a) Architecture (b) Fosters (c) Leisure (d) Station
  8. Role play gives room for active _____ (a) enjoyment (b) participation (c) speaking (d) merriment
  9. One of the following is not a form of music. (a) Azonto (b) Rondo (c) Simple binary (d) compound farm
  10. There are ______ major forms of music. (a) 4 (b) 3 (c) 5 (d) 6
  11. All these are musical notes except______ (a) semibreve (b) song (c) demi-quaver (d) minim
  12. Musical notes are signs which indicate the duration of ______ (a) song (b) sound (c) poem (d) notation
  13. How many count does a quaver note has? (a) 4 (b) ½ (c) (d)
  14. ______ is the third musical note (a) Quaver (b) Minim (c) Crochet (d) Breve
  15. Musical notes are ______ in number (a) 5 (b) 16 (c) 6 (d) 7
  16. ______ is a system of signs or symbols used to represent information in music (a) Musical book (b) Musical Notation (c) Musical Box (d) Musical cap
  17. Shelter protects man from harsh weather. True/ False
  18. Role play can be used in ______ (a) games (b) jumping (c) skipping (d) running
  19. Form of music is when a piece of ______ is created in a particular plan to take a shape. (a) poem (b) solo (c) music (d) binary
  20. The body movement of dances from one spot to the other is known as ______ (a) movement (b) time (c) costume (d) space



1a. What is Nigerian Traditional Architecture

1b. Mention four Forms of Architecture

1c. Mention two materials or tools for architecture


2a. Mention two purpose of local architecture

2b. What is role play

2c. Mention three places where role play can be used


3a. What is Apprenticeship?

3b. List four trades where apprenticeship is practices

3c. A person who is receiving training




Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow. Shade on your answer sheet the space which bears the same letter as the answer you have choosen.


My two friends and i were sitting astride a log which floated on the water, with the intent of catching fish with the hooks and lines we had made. Our attention was suddenly attracted by ripple on the sea, just a few meters away from us. Ibimari shouted to us to paddle in that direction, and we might have a chance of catching it. But, Osazua, instead of doing as Ibimari said, replied in a cold, serious voice, ”pull up your line, Ibimari seize your paddle” quick, its a crocodile.”

The horror with which we heard this may well be imagined, for it must be remembered that our legs were hanging down in the water and we dared not pull them up without upsetting the log. Ibimari immediately pulled in his line, and seizing his paddle, worked as hard as he could. While we also did our best to make for shore.

But we were a long way off, and the log being heavy, only moved slowly through the water. We now saw the crocodile quite distinctly, swimming round and round us, its head sticking out above the water. It was making up its mind to attack us.

Osazua called to us to paddle for our lives then suddenly he shouted, “look out! Here he comes!”. In a second we saw the crocodile swim fast towards us. But we all made a great noise with our paddles which frightened it away for that time. “throw the fish to it” cried Osazua in an excited voice.” “we‘ll reach the shore in time. If we can keep him off for a few minutes.




  1. The boys were on the log ______ (a) sailing for pleasure (b) trying to catch fish (c) looking for a crocodile (d) trying to made hooks and lines (e) learning how to paddle
  2. What was it that attracted the boy’s attention? (a) a fish swimming towards them (b) a fish caught on their hooks and lines (c) Osazua’s cold, serious voice (d) a movement like a wave on the sea (e) another boat which was approaching
  3. Osazua told Ibimari to pull his line because ______ (a) he had caught a big fish on the end of it (b) they had gone too far from the shore (c) he saw a dangerous crocodile (d) he had lost his paddle (e) they were upsetting the log
  4. The boys could not take their legs out of the water because ______ (a) they were splashing with them to frighten the fish (b) the water had made them too cold to move (c) they were getting ready to swim (d) Osazua told them not to move (e) they were afraid the log would roll over, and they fall into the sea
  5. The log could not move quickly on the water because ______ (a) the boys could not paddle well enough (b) the sea was very rough with big waves (c) it was very heavy (d) the boys were far from short, where the water was deep (e) the crocodile was circling round it.

Below each of the following sentences are five interpretations lettered A to E, choose the one that most correctly explains the meaning of the sentences

  1. Emeka will neither eat rice nor fufu tonight. This means that Emeka will ______ (a) eat rice and fufu (b) not eat rice and will not eat fufu (c) eat rice or fufu (d) not eat rice, but he will eat fufu (e) not eat rice
  2. As soon as the thieves saw the policeman they took to their heels. This means that the thieves ______ (a) walked quietly away on their heels (b) stood on their legs (c)ran away (d) attacked the policemen (e) left the policemen on their heels
  3. But for his pride, Okon would have defeated Akpan during the election. This means that ______ (a) Okon won the election because he was proud (b) Akpan was very proud man (c) Akpan and Okon were defeated (d) Okon lost the election to Akpan (e) The election was not fair
  4. Chika was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. This means that Chika ______ (a) has some gold teeth (b) is a very intelligent (c) is from a wealthy family (d) is always given food with a silver spoon (e) is very humble and obedient
  5. Most of the stubborn boys in our class are from affluent homes. This means that ______ (a) all the stubborn boys in our class are from rich homes (b) wealthy homes do not have obedient boys (c) poor homes do not produce intelligent boys (d) many of the stubborn boys in our class are from rich homes (e) wealthy homes spoil children

From the words or groups of words given below each of the following sentences, choose the one which correctly and most suitably fills the gap in the sentences  

  1. Jane is the ______ of the two girls (a) tall (b) taller (c) tallest (d) very tall (e) too tall
  2. The servant had no respect ______ his master (a) to (b) with (c) by (d) about (e) for
  3. The work has not ______ (a) been done (b) being done (c) been doing (d) done (e) yet done
  4. I travelled ______ air to Lagos last week (a) from (b) for (c) with (d) on (e) by
  5. People who live in ______ house should not throw stone (a) new (b) glass (c) rented (d) old (e) poor

From the list of words lettered A to E, choose the one that is most nearly opposite to the word underlined in each sentences.

  1. Every dog barks at strange objects. (a) some (b) that (c) no (d) this (e) a
  2. We sometimes visit the sick and the disabled in the hospital. (a) normally (b) occasionally (c) scarcely (d) rarely (e) often
  3. John bought a very expensive gold watch from the super market. (a) good (b) lovable (c) cheap (d) admirable (e) dear
  4. The boys swam in a shallow stream (a) deep (b) wide (c) narrow (d) swift (e) dirt
  5. The entrance of the national football team existed the children (a) presence (b) face (c) outgoing (d) exit (e) mood


Section B

Complete the passage. Use the most appropriate words form the box for the gaps.

  1. The needs at a family include ____________ accommodation, ____________ foo, ____________ supply of drinking water, a ____________ environment and a place where ____________ education can be given to the children.


  1. Pick the words that are similar in meaning to the words written in capital letters from option a – d
  2. The sky is CLOUDY. (a) Bright (b) unclear (c) clear (d) light
  3. The FAMOUS politician came to our school last week. (a) unknown (b) observer (c) lousy (d) popular

iii. The building has been ABADONED for long. (a) deserted (b) retained (c) maintained (d) known

  1. The new administrator was INTRODUCED by the proprietor (a) replaced (b) madeknown (c) advised (d) broken
  2. The short conductor is too RUDE. (a) impolite (b) polite (c) refined (d) illiterate


  1. Pick the correct part of the speech for the underlined words
  2. The book is mine (a) noun (b) adjective (c) pronoun (d) verb
  3. He hurriedly left the party. (a) verb (b) adjective (c) noun (d) adverb
  4. We watched Tom and Jerry yesterday. (a) noun (b) pronoun (c) verb (d) adverb
  5. She sat on the sofa. (a) preposition (b) conjunction (c) interjection (d) adjective


  1. Write composition on “someone i like.”


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