Have you ever considered this? Have you ever measured the remaining days ahead of you and thereof think within you that you still have a long way to go? May I let you know, if you are a child, you will soon graduate and grow out of that stage to be in the teenage stage, what if you are a teen today, very soon you will become a youth, and what if you are already one of the youths, do not forget that you will soon grow out of the stage to become a an adult, and per-adventure you are an adult now, don’t forget it is never the last stage, you can never be an adult forever, you will soon vacate the stage. YES! That is to tell you that everything has its stage and you have a very short time for each of those stages, and  because you have a little time, then, why wait till you waste? Why delay till your time is due? And why do you want to lie down there idle till you die? You must always remember everyday that you are not growing younger, though you may see the works of nature repeating its manifestation everyday, but each of the sunrise, rainfall, dawn and many other things that occurs nearly everyday contributes to your expiration on earth.

You are not growing younger anymore, you are getting more nearer to your expiration today than you are yesterday, or you think you still have a long way to go, may I tell you that your days are decreasing everyday, do you think you are a mere little child?, but I tell you, I know of a little child called JOSIAH who reigned in Jerusalem at a tender age of eight. Josiah in spite of his age caused a brought a great reformation in Judah. Maybe you prove to have grown out of childhood, then I do quickly remind you of a lad called JOSEPH, who started his journey to greatness at a tender age seventeen. Don’t forget he got there early because he set out early, he saw his place of destiny and proved it by doing everything to make it happen, he was sensitive to the fact that sin could hinder him and he guided it jealously, though he was stripped naked twice, (once out of his cloths of many colours by his own brethren in his own land and later out of his cloth by Potiphar’s pretty wife in a far-away strange land) by enemies of his greatness, yet he got there safely. Let me tell you about DANIEL, did you think his decision was that easy?

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Yet he stood by it, he proved himself before several adversities and he was fulfilled. DAVID took a bold step by facing the GIANT GOLIATH, don’t forget he was discouraged right in the war front by his brother, yet he would not allow that to discourage him and waste his destiny. JEPTA was nearly disheartened by his background, yet he would not let that serve as a reason for failure, he refused to be wasted, though he was disgraced out of his fathers’ house by his kinsmen, yet he was invited back to his fathers’ land as a judge by the elders of the land, though it all happened in a process of time, yet it was as a result of his acts. If you fail to act you will surely waste, you must know that you don’t have all the time in the world, we have limited time, the youthful stage is the active stage of human life, the youthful period is the summer stage of our life, don’t waste it by being idle, if you waste your summer, you have wasted all.

Are you a YOUTH? this epistle is for you from a fellow youth, consider this, have you ever discovered the reason behind the fact that makes it impossible for an old man to be recruited into the army? It is the STRENGTH, it is the SIGHT, it is the VISION, it is the SPIRIT. What are you doing today with your youthful strength, your youthful (eagle) sight, what are you doing with your youthful vision and what have you achieved with your youthful spirit? Are you like SAMSON? Who wasted  all his strength which equivalent to (his glory) on pursuit of women, SAMSON ended up a waste because he wasted the numerous potentials in him, he ended his life when it was not yet time for him, compare his life with that of JOSEPH. Take a look at the life of AMNON, no wonder in the book of proverb warns that “the adulterous woman hunts for precious life, therefore, be careful.

GEHAZI, JUDAS, ANANIAS AND SAPHIRA were some of the bible characters who were wasted as a result of their love of money, they were engaged in dirty affairs to get wealth for themselves and they ended up a waste, may I tell you that wealth is not worth it, you cannot afford to be wasted because you want to get riches for yourself. The life of a man is not constituted by what he or she has, beware of covetousness, was the warning we got from our savior. It is high time we arise as able youths in this generation and make use of our God given potential, strength, and spirit to get something tangible, acceptable and worthwhile done. There is but a short time for human existence, let us wake up from our slumber, let us get something done before the era of expiration sets in.

It’s now time for youth o’clock, don’t sit idle, find something doing, makes your life count, get a digital skills, evolve yourself with the updated information. Seek for more knowledge, never stop learning, keep pushing because you are step to achieve that desired goals.

Always prepare to unlearn, relearn so that you can learn and this in return will makes your life better and at the end you will be proud of yourself.

I love you.


By Emmyleo

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